Right after the entrance there is a shady area where the clans and the group of historical rievocation gathers. They sleep into their tent made with natural materials, they cook ancient food made with ancient tools, they basically live like in ancient times.

Who are those wierd guys, that bake bread, manage leather with manual tools, fight each other with swords and wooden shields, stir whatever they have put into the cauldron? Are they going to eat that thing? Are they going to sleep on that leather, inside their tents?

Well, they are people like you, they just do that for hobby because they have realized that put the modern life aside, at least for a weekend, put us much closer to the nature, much more relaxed and happy, much more connected with people around us and the universe. And yes: they eat only what they cook infront of you and they sleep there for all the 3-4 days of the festival, like every time they camp into a festival, or they go into the wood, just for pleasure.

Into the camp you can observe how was cooking in ancient times, how was the work process of leathers,, metals and all the other materials, how people slept and dressed, you can try the bow under the guide of an expert teacher, and you can watch training fights with sword and shields, just like ancient times. There will be also children in the historical camp, as well as some druids and a fortune teller. Everything is real, not a performance. These are people that integrate this lifestyle into their everyday life, they consciously live in the nature with simple and genuine things.

These will be unforgettable days for the participants, full of inclusive moments, fun, harmony and common happiness. And for all the guests, a great example to follow! Yes, it is possible to be happy, very happy even without cellphones, internet, tv and industrial food.

The groups/characters that will participate at Yggdrasil this year will be: