At Yggdrasil, we care a lot about family and children beause they are the future of humaniy and they deserve all our respect. This year the festival will be mainly focused on families and their wishes. We want that everyone feels at ease and satisfied in their visit to the enchanted world of Yggdrasil.

Those who want to relax will find a lot of open space, where children can run and have fun as much as they want. There will be various stands that will offer you medieval food cooked with good care and skill and cheap prices, affordable even for large groups.

In the middle of the festival there will be children areas, with various activities.

Our awesome wizard and the marvelous jugglers will leave all the children and parents speechless.

Right after you'll find the arena, where sword fights will take place. A show that always entertain everyone.

The next place you'll see will be the historical camp, the area dedicate to the famous horses tournaments and ancient crafts, where artisans will show their art in public. Then you'll find the camp area, where the clans and the group of historical rievocation will live like in the middle ages, with wooden and cloth tents, leathers, cauldrons, swords and shields, always ready to tell interesting tales about our history...

Sunday afternoon there will be a costume contest as well, for children and adults.

Furthermore, in order to allow to everyone to participate to this special festival, Saturday and Sunday there will be the "family price": with just 10€, groups composed by 2 adults and an unlimited number of children until 14 years old can enter. The family ticket will be available at the entrance of the festival.

An unforgettable opportunity to spend a day and to give to our children an educational and entertaining experience!