Yggdrasil is a celtic, medieval and pagan folk festival for everybody, for all ages and all cultures. It was created for who is already part of this culture as well as for who is just curious to see something different under the sky, eat well and natural and listen to good and true music. 

Yggdrasil is not just a costume party or a historical commemoration, it is a way of life, a way of thinking and of acting day by day in respect of nature and of other people. It is a way of socializing with people that think the same, a way to rediscover old values that have been lost in modern times full of grey offices, stress, fast food and desocializing medias.



Yggdrasil offers you a variety of shows and performances like marvellous concerts of famous bands but also fire shows, swordplays, ancient games and many other street artists



A medieval style market of over 50 stands, from artisans of ancient works performing demonstrations and various stands with thematic food. There will be a lot of space, in the sun or under the shadows, for sitting down and relax in a pleasant and funny atmosphere




Different bands. italian and international, will perform on the stage during the three days, to enlight your stay.


Don't miss the astonishing fire shows, the awesome jugglers, the swordfights and the funny ancient games that will be shown to you by professionists.

Our wizard will entertain young and adults with magic shows, and we have also organized a wide number of activites for our young guests. They will have fun with medieval thematic games, tournaments and organized areas with ancient wooden games where they can play in freedom.

Furthermore, this year, for the first time, there will be a great show: the horses tournaments, a show with horses and knights, dressed like in the medieval times, that will challenge against each other with swords and spears, for the hand of the princess.



Inside the festival there will be an historical camp, where groups of historical rievocation will live, day and night, allowing our guests to take a closer look on how was life in those times. Inside the camp you will observe how was the cooking in those times, how they manage leathers, metals and all the other materials, how they slept and dressed. You can try the bow, under the guide of an expert teacher, and you can watch the trainings with sword and shield just like in the ancient times. Inside the camp there will be children, druids and a fortune-teller as well.

Everything will be real, not a fiction. Those people integrates this lifestyle in their everyday life, consciously living in the nature, with simple and genuine things.




As soon as the sun goes down and night falls, the festival will show its magical side: we won't use electric light to illuminate the area, the whole festival will shine from natural fires, torches and candles. We care about to use just the minimum amount necessary of electric energy, preferring natural light sources.


Even the music will be only live, and not pre-recorded.

Everyone in the Yggdrasil staff will be thematic dressed and even the tools and instruments will be chosen and decorated in medieval and fantasy style. In the previous editions, this setting has created a wonderful and authentic atmosphere. In order to achieve this unique amosphere we have invited artists and stands from all Europe.


But the most special thing is that Yggdrasil is not a commercial Festival,  the aim of Yggdrasil is promoting people's conciousness for themselves, for others and for nature. We want to show everybody how simple good life can be, how happy you can be also without any modern device, how peaceful and harmonic people are when they live all together under the sky with nothing else than good music, good food, good friends, without tv, computer, mobiles and drugs. We also want to promote the fusion of different cultures and countries, like the italian and spanish with the northern european culture, and promote the pagan way of life, in the name of love and of the Goddess, our Mother Nature.

Yggdrasil is an international Festival that connects all people from all countries and cultures to a unique great celebration of life, oneness and togetherness.

Yggdrasil is created from people like you, from the folk, and it grows with the folk and all nice people helping to organize during all these months.

Yggdrasil is you!

Thank you!!





The idea of creating the Yggdrasil festival comes from many reasons: the ludic part and the re-discovery of ancient activities and traditions already indicated in the introduction are not the only ones. Another important part for us is the ethical, ecologic and environmental: in today's world of frenetic work, fast food meals and grey, anonymous offices in which humans has lost the contact with the nature that surround them, Yggdrasil want to raise awareness about a more authentic lifestyle, more connected to the environment and to all living beings. The children will re-discover the games made with natural materials,in the picnic areas and under the trees the families will have the opportunity to share traditional food in a relaxing atmosphere, while the medieval music will takes the guests in another times, times in which life was authentic, natural, spontaneous, colorful and shared, in a social and inclusive way of life that is lost nowadays.

The peciliarity of Yggdrasil about limiting the electric energy and renouncing to artificial illumination will benefit the environment, while providing a magic atmosphere: the setting of the festival completely enlightened by torches and camp fires will prove how charming an ecologic illumination can be.

Even the use of plastic will be keep at minimum, every stand is invited to look for alternatives for its merchandise or its food, and we hope that this idea will be followed by more people possibile, outside the festival as well.

Every interested association that promotes environment, human rights and animal protection are invited to participate at the festival for free, with a stand or activities that raise awareness on the people.



Yggdrasil needs you! Please, make a donation, even of few euros, we're gonna need them to pay all the structures, the artists and everyone that has put their efforts to bring these unforgettable days in a wonderful way.