FRIDAY 16 June 2017: 11:00 – 24:00

SATURDAY 17 June 2017: 11:00 – 24:00

SUNDAY 18 June 2017: 10:00 – 24:00



Camping is possible inside the Festival, only for Yggdrasil visitors, and it is open during the 5 nights from Wednesday to Monday. Please see CAMPING.

There are also many hotels and B&B near the festival. See HOTEL.



Guests are allowed to enter the Festival only with a valid Yggdrasil ticket and a valid ID card. Name and date of birth on the ID have to be the same as on the ticket. You can purchase the ticket at the festival too, but it will be more expensive than in the presales. Please see "TICKETS"

Stand owners and Festival workers will have free entrance only if wearing the personal Yggdrasil badge.

See "PROGRAM" for concerts.

See "TICKETS" for prices and ticket sale with paypal or credit cars as well as with bank transfer.

See "HOW TO GET THERE" for the way description by car, train, plane.

Animals are very welcome, but they have to be kept on a leash. Drakes also need a refractory muzzle and are allowed only under 50 meters wingspan.

The entrance can be refused to lepers, drunk people and junkies. Illegal drugs are not allowed on the whole Festival terrain, also not in the camping and parkplaces.

It is forbidden to kill anybody during a sword or spears fight inside the Festival. It is also forbidden to bring glass bottles inside the Festival. You can bring your drinks in plastic bottles. But there is enough to drink at the Festival anyway, you won't be thirsty or hungry.


Yggdrasil Festival is organized from Earth Spirit Events KLG

The Yggdrasil Team:

Organisation, artistic director: The Jedi

Organisation, commercial director and administration: Forestfairy

Organisation, Tickets, translations in D: Catwoman

Web mastering, translations in E: Annonymus

And many others helping with the whole festival!


We would like to thank all lovely souls that have helped, still help and will help with the festival. You help is extremely worth, the festival grows with you.

A huge thanks also to the Gods, who gave us this hard, but wonderful task.