BY PLANE:  We suggest to check easyjet and Ryanair. The closest airport ist Treviso, which is not served from Easyjet, but from Ryanair. Venezia Marco Polo is served by Easyjet. So depending from where you live, choose one of them. If you choose Venice, you will be nearer to Venice, in case you want to visit it, but not as near as with the Train. Venice airport is a half hour busdrive to the historic centre. And from there to the festival you'll have a one hour drive. The Bus Ticket to Treviso is 7.50 Euro (~5.6 pounds), and the bus departs only every 3 hours from Venice Airport to Treviso. For the timetable click here: ATVO, Aeroporto di Venezia

BY CAR: if you prefer to travel by car, you can get directly to the Festival, there are many parkplaces around the Festival area and in the town. We would like to suggest you choose an ecologic car, for example one that drives on LPG, and to travel with other people in order to minimize the environmental impact per person. So you can also drive cheaper and split the driving job. Ask on the Yggdrasil facebook group for people from your Country to join you, or at least write at what time you are passing through Treviso to pick up the people who are coming by public transport. Thank you!

Many people are organizing busses to the festival, maybe you can find one near where you live, or maybe you want to organize one for you and other people from your region.

RIDING A HORSE: This would be really the most ecological and the most fitting way to reach Yggdrasil :D If you come by horse, we promise you free entry! ;)

For further Information, please ask to iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be happy to help you.