The“In Vino Veritas” was born with the desire to evoke a rather long period of time, ranging from the second half of the 12th up to the end of the 14th century, which represents an essential historical period for European and Mediterranean folk and court music of Middle Ages.

The musicians, dressed in attire from the end of the 13th and first half 14th century, transport their audience with itinerant melodies that hark back to the golden age of the Italian city states. They bring untold historical moments to life, with songs once considered obscene and at times illegal. In a display of musical versatility, the group also performs traditional chants and contemporary ballads of a chivalric theme..

Careful research and selection of clothing and music goes hand in hand with our ability to involve the public in street performances, however our natural aptitude to sweep the crowd away it is an inborn skill which goes beyond methodical orchestration.

At times, when the situation permits, the group may also exemplify the musical themes covered and may offer an explanation about the historical period evoked, and the different and sometimes bizarre types of dress and musical stylization of the ancient musicians.

The band will be present at Yggdrasil Festival with a new album and will perform the show "Bestiarium" with costumes inspired by the tradition of the itinerant pagan masked bards, reminding the traits of gargoyles' sculptures. Bear, gryphon, deer-man from the woods, satyr, crow, wolf, salamander, barn owl, coming from the orphic bestiaries, will sing mythical songs and will make people dance.