Born in 2006 as a simple trio, the band, headed by Michele Mastrotto, is fully formed in 2008. In this year begins an intense work on medieval melodies with electronic sounds and the concept "der Esel und die Lust" forms to life: a medieval electronic music show. The succes is encouraging the band, which a second one writes: "Gaudete et Exsultate".

Inbetween has the band a management, FramEvolution, and a Label: Cramps Record, and is to see at the most important festivals in Italy: Montelago Celtic Festival, Festival internazionale della Zampogna, Music W Festival, Festa Patronale di Brindisi, Irlanda in Musica and more.

In 2015 they produce the third show, "Miserere" and goes to other festivals like LazioWave and Malpaga Folk Metal Fest. In 2016 the band starts another project called "Chimera"